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Stoker’s Website

The Stoker’s website is in danger of disappearing due to several factors which include:

-       Age of the software (which is way past it’s use by date);

-       Damage done by hackers over the past year plus;

-       The current custodian of the website wishes to move on and fully retire and do some travelling whilst he is able; and

-       Advice from the company hired to repair and update the website is that it is not repairable or recoverable due to the damage

already caused by the hackers and the age of the software.

This being the case, Kerry Kerr is now looking for a volunteer (preferably a Member of the website) who would be willing, and able, to

create a new website and then to maintain and manage it. The personal information that is currently held by Kerry is safe from

external interference but it is unsure at this time if it can be converted and saved into a current usable format.  This is currently being

looked at.  As this update has failed, Kerry has returned the donation to the EOSER Committee that had been previously made.

So, if there are any of the Members that have the expertise, willingness and time to create and manage a new website, could they

please contact Kerry as soon as possible. Kerry can be contacted on mobile 0420 247 999 or via email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Details

of your credentials for this task is required.

Welcome to the Navy Stokers Web Site.

1752 Members July 2016

I have set up this site to enable all serving & former Engineering Personnel of the Royal Australian Navy to be able to see where this large community is now residing, or serving, how they can be contacted (if they want), and also, somewhere they can tell their old stepping oppo's what is going on in their life today. The web site will be a place where reunions can be posted, & local area smokies can be arranged between smaller groups. In other words just a 'website' that people of some similar interests can communicate through.

As we grow older we tend to look back on our youth & the mates we made, I know I do. I came to the conclusion that the mates I made from the day I joined Pussers have never left me, while some have passed away their memory will never die because people like you & I will ensure that when we are together at reunions or smokies their names will be spoken as if they were still here. Another problem that I have encountered is loosing contact with people, so I hope this site will help in 'lost oppos' making contact again.

While the name of the site is Navy Stokers, all engineering personnel can join. Stokers (steam & diesel), Mechs, Tiffies, Chippies, &  Engineering Officers.

A few things I would like you to keep in mind if you become a member of this site; we don't 'slag' off at anybody, and we don't start flame wars; I am getting too old for 'agro', no porn photos to be posted to the site (except those of Stokers being Stokers,) & be patient with the moderators who have to sort out membership approvals. We all have lives to live away from our computers, so if your membership application takes a bit of time to come through don't despair, after all the blokes doing the job are 'Dusties' not bloody 'Scribes'.

To join the site just click on the "REGISTER" (Written in Blue) tab where you will be asked for your full name (as well as your user-name) your official number, & your rank/rate. Make sure you read all the directions on the joining page. One of the  moderators will okay your application & then you will receive a series of emails that will help us confirm your details. If you are already a member you have the ability to send somebody an invitation.

I have arranged to have name badges & baseball hats, as well as car window stickers available for sale to help augment the costs of running the site. The name badges have the magnetic backing plate (no holes in clothing) & the cost will be $20 including post to anywhere in Australia. The baseball caps are $22 each or $40 for two including postage, and the stickers are 1 for $4, 2 for $6, 3 for $8, & 4 for $10 including postage, also we have bumper stickers "Dirty Old Men of the Sea" 2 for $5 or 5 for $10.

We have a sponsor. If you like a drop of wine (as most of us do) give them a go. Our Sponsor pays our web hosting fees & without these fees being paid we wouldn't be on the net, so please support the people who support us.

The crest that our site uses was put together by me to represent who we are, it has been modified a few times because the RAN thought it looked too close to their copyright, personally I think they didn't like the motto I used, but I thought it was irreverent enough to say something about who we are: 'The Custodian's of the Golden Rivet.'

I have to convey a thank you to a good mate of mine, a PO Greenie by the name of Peter Maher. Peter passed away on 29/6/2012, but he left a leagacy to the wider Naval community because of his involvment in sites like NavyStokers, PussersGreenies, & many other internet forums. I will miss Peter's input.

Thank you for looking at our site.

Kerry Kerr R64569




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